NYrture New York Natto, Original

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NYrture New York Natto, Original
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Contains Soy

NYrture New York Natto is an ancient Japanese fermented superfood, handcrafted fresh in Brooklyn by a Japanese-American microbiologist. Rich in umami flavor, with nutty and coffee notes, our natto is deliciously complex, surprisingly versatile—and oh so healthy! In Japan, natto is loved by many as an everyday food. In America, more and more health-conscious eaters are discovering natto as the richest food source of Vitamin K2; the only natural source of nattokinase; a great spore probiotic; and a potent source of PQQ. Beyond that, natto is high in protein, an excellent source of iron, low in fat, and rich in many other vitamins and minerals. With just two ingredients, there's no added salt, sugar, fat, or anything else! Our natto is made with 100% non-GMO, sustainably-grown domestic soybeans, fermented with probiotic Bacillus subtilis culture. Our unique glass packaging avoids plastic waste and stays fresh longer. Natto has an unusual alkaline fermented flavor and sticky texture. We'll be honest, it can be a surprise for first-timers. But once you know natto, you'll love ours! (from NYrture) Please keep refrigerated.