Siete Botana Sauce, Jalapeño

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Siete Botana Sauce, Jalapeño
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Our Jalapeño Botana Sauce is a versatile, medium-spiced sauce with a hint of sweetness and a delicious garlic-y finish. It's made using jalapeños, avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, and dates which makes it slightly spicy, creamy, and lightly sweet. This way you can use it to top anything, like tacos, enchiladas, chicken, grilled veggies... the list goes on. We also love serving this sauce with chips or drizzling it atop all of our favorite salty snacks! So, when we say, "This botana sauce is like your nosey tía in the best way... jalap-eño business," we'll only be partially kidding. (from Siete)