Minute White Rice Cups

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Minute White Rice Cups
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When your day is jam-packed, every minute counts! Take some time for yourself with our delicious microwave White Rice Cups. That's right! The rice you love but ready in a flash. The fully cooked White Rice packed conveniently in perfect portioned single serving BPA free cups are ready in just 1 minute. They're perfect for taking to the office for lunch or as a quick, delicious snack on-the-go. Or if you're looking for a quick side for dinner, the White Rice cups are ready for you. And since you can eat it right out of the cup, clean up is a snap! Now, if only exercising was this fast and easy... It's a perfect topping for a salad, addition to your favorite soup or base for a flavorful stir fry. So many possibilities... think outside the cup! (from Minute)