Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter, Simply Unscented

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Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter, Simply Unscented
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Recommended by vets, Fresh Step Simply Unscented Cat Litter is free from added fragrances and dyes, with the same odor control power of regular Fresh Step cat litter. This unscented cat litter prevents bacterial odor growth on the litter. Made with your cat's health and happiness in mind, the 99.9% dust-free formula helps keep surfaces cleaner. Activated charcoal guarantees 10-day odor control to keep cat litter box smells at bay and your house smelling fresh without added fragrance. The high-quality clay in this clumping cat litter quickly absorbs liquids and traps odors, forming tight clumps leaving virtually no stinky crumbles after scooping, making cleaning fast and easy. To refresh and maintain your kitty litter box, every time you scoop just add more Fresh Step unscented cat litter. (from Fresh Step)