Live New Shell Lobster

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Live New Shell Lobster
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Contains Shellfish

The new shell lobster — called shedder lobster by the locals in Maine — is a delicious delicacy of the summer and fall season. Each year, lobsters shed their hard outer shell, leaving a fresh, softer shell underneath that takes time to harden. Lobsters caught during this time are renowned for their sweet, tender, succulent meat, and can be cracked open by hand. Soft-shelled lobsters cook faster than their hard-shelled counterparts, so take a few minutes off the boiling time of your favorite recipe to keep the meat soft and juicy. When the antennae are easy to pull off, you'll know it's done. New shell lobsters are sensitive and more difficult to transport, which is why we source our lobsters from our partners in Maine and they arrive to us in less than 24 hours. Our partners' expertise and relationships with local lobstermen ensure that they get the best stock, sourced from 500-foot-deep waters off the coast of Maine, so you know you're getting the highest quality lobsters available.