Red Velvet NYC Gingerbread Cookies Kit

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Contains Eggs, Contains Wheat, Contains Milk

Ready in 70 minutes

These iced cookies are a hit with kids, but warm fall spices—and a kick of black pepper—make them irresistible to adults as well. Use our decorative inspiration guide to make and submit your #bestdressedcookie for a chance to win our homemade cookie competition! Red Velvet Baking Kits make home baking easy, convenient, and fun! Learn how to make impressive, bakery quality cookies! Includes all the pre-measured ingredients, plus parchment paper, a cookie cutter, three disposable piping bags, and flour. (from Red Velvet NYC) Skill Level: 1 out of 3 Equipment You'll Need: Medium Bowl Whisk Large Bowl Electric Mixer Spatula Plastic Wrap 2 Baking Sheets Rolling Pin Metal Spatula Wire Rack Tablespoon 3 Small Bowls Small Spoon Scissors From Your Pantry: 1 Egg

Red Velvet NYC Gingerbread Cookies Kit