Bluestone Lane Coffee Maverick Whole Bean Blend

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Bluestone Lane Coffee Maverick Whole Bean Blend
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Bluestone Lane is an Australian-inspired coffee shop and lifestyle brand committed to providing a genuine daily escape for all our locals. We offer premium coffee and healthy and delicious eats through an always welcoming experience that embraces our Aussie approach to life. Our Bluestone Lane signature whole bean espresso blend is a well-structured, creamy, full bodied espresso coffee with hints of cocoa, clove, and honeycomb. Perfect for espresso, we use this exact signature blend in all Bluestone Lane coffee shops. Maverick whole bean espresso blend origins include Brazil (50%), Guatemala (30%), and Ethiopia (20%). Carefully sourced from the finest, current crop based on quality, seasonality, and sustainability, our beans are grown by farmers who we care about and proudly call mates. (from Bluestone Lane Coffee)