Heller Peak Season Grapefruit

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Heller Peak Season Grapefruit
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The Heller family takes great pride in picking only the top 2% of fruit for the FreshDirect grapefruit program. Depending on weather conditions, seasonal water and soil changes, and crop peakness, we will pick only the best grapefruit from our Indian River or Gulf farms. The process begins in the grove where testing is done daily for both brix and acid ratio. Once the proper grove has been identified for peak flavor, our farmers pick the fruit that meet only the highest standards for the program. The process has only begun at this point. Once the fruit is brought to the packing house, our renowned inspectors pick only the top 2%. The fruit is picked for peak of flavor, combining peak sugar with low acid, for an unforgettable eating experience. Once the fruit has gone through final inspection, it is packed and shipped same day to ensure the freshest arrival at your door. The Heller family understands the emphasis FreshDirect puts on the overall eating experience and is devoted to making it our top priority. (from Heller Bros.)