Ramón Peña Sardines in Olive Oil

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Ramón Peña Sardines in Olive Oil
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Conservas Ramón Peña takes its sardines very seriously. The sardines come from Galician Rias of the Atlantic Ocean, where they are collected from the water just off the shore between May and November, when the sardines are at their best. They are then lightly grilled, packed by hand into the tins and filled with olive oil. This combination of care and pristine ingredients meld into a sublime flavor of the sea. Since the 1920s, Conservas Ramón Peña has been a premier producer of fine canned seafood. Situated in Galicia, the northwest of Spain, they are surrounded by cool, clean Atlantic waters that support a vibrant fishing tradition. In Spain, canned seafood is regarded as a gourmet product, and Ramón Peña is dedicated to providing premium quality to its customers. (from Ramón Peña)