Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo

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Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo
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Fortifying shampoo for a fresh feel. Hair is almost entirely made up of protein, which gives hair its strength. All new, paraben-free Fructis formulas with Active Fruit Protein™, an exclusive combination of citrus protein, Vitamins B3 and B6, fruit and plant-derived extracts, and strengthening conditioners, are designed for healthier, stronger hair. 97% biodegradable and silicone-free Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo with Citrus Extract provides lightweight daily refreshment to normal, oily hair. Helps fight urban aggressors by removing daily pollutants such as dirt and oils from hair. Hair feels fresh with no heavy residue and no build up. (from Garnier)