Barilla Gemelli

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Barilla Gemelli
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Gemelli is a simple shape of two strands of pasta twisted together. These small pasta twists are also remarkably versatile, as their shape holds the flavor of sauce beautifully while retaining the firm "al dente" texture that you expect from Barilla. Every day, you can find Barilla Gemelli (which means "twins" in Italian) on the dining tables of homes and family-run trattorie across Italy, with any number of delicious local sauces, from rich tomato, mozzarella and basil in Naples to traditional pesto and green beans in Genoa. The twists and spirals of Gemelli allow it to embrace both refined and simple sauces. Gemelli is a perfect choice for a pasta salad, or paired with light tomato sauces (with or without finely diced vegetables), dairy-based sauces, or oil-based sauces. (from Barilla)