Cucina Antica All-Natural Spicy Marinara Sauce

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Cucina Antica All-Natural Spicy Marinara Sauce
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Our Cucina Antica Spicy Marinara Cooking Sauce is the essence of simple, delicious and fresh Italian cooking. This is an excellent sauce for Chicken, Eggplant Parmigiana, Fish or Vegetable. Our Southern Italian Roots: Since the 1800's, my family has farmed the world's best Southern Italian Tomatoes on our family farm. These same tomatoes can be found in our products. As a young boy my mother instilled in me a commitment to using only the purest ingredients. I bring my family's love and art of our old -world cooking to your table. Cucina Antica, offers your family cooking sauces that are slowly cooked in small batches using 100% Imported Italian Southern tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs, spices and old-world cooking methods passed down through the Fusco family. (from Cucina Antica)