Zaro's Family Bakery Raspberry Rugelach

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Zaro's Family Bakery Raspberry Rugelach
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Contains Eggs, Contains Tree Nuts, Contains Cashews, Contains Milk, Contains Wheat, Contains Soy

A Zaro's Family traditional recipe. Buttery, flakey pastry filled with fruit filling. Enjoy as a breakfast pastry, dessert after dinner or any time in between. Perfectly paired with fresh brewed coffee. Handmade with all natural ingredients. Zaro's Family Bakery is an iconic family-owned, New York City-founded bakery with 14 locations throughout New York City and New Jersey. The first Zaro's bakery was opened in the Bronx in 1927 by Joseph Zaro, a Jewish immigrant from Poland. Today the fourth generation of the Zaro family runs the business and serves over 3 million customers a year. Using time honored family recipes and top-quality ingredients & craftsmanship - Zaro's has been serving authentic New York baked goods for almost 100 years. (from Zaro's Family Bakery)