Davidovich Black & White Cookie

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Davidovich Black & White Cookie
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Contains Milk, Contains Wheat, Contains Eggs

It is hard to imagine a product more closely associated with NYC than the Davidovich Bagel but there is one, it is the Black and White Cookie. Unlike the bagel, the Black and White Cookie originated in the heart of NYC around the turn of the 20th Century. It was created by German-American bakers, in the European tradition, and has become a staple of New York City bakeries ever since. When Grandma Zoya came to NYC, from Eastern Europe, and tried these delicious treats she knew she had just the right formula to make the soft, cookie base of this classic sweet treat come to life, making the Davidovich Black and White Cookie world famous. While some prefer the Chocolate side, others the Vanilla fondant, there is no one who doesn't love the Davidovich Black and White Cookie. Whether called the "Amerikaner", in Europe, or called "the Unity Cookie" by President Obama, the Black and White Cookie is a symbol of delicious, Artisan, goodness for generations. (from Davidovich)