Gin Lane 1751 'Victoria' Pink Gin

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Gin Lane 1751 'Victoria' Pink Gin
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Victoria Pink Gin is full-bodied with an infusion of naturally blended aromatic bitters – smooth, refreshing, and floral with a gentle hint of spiced bitters. The tradition of blending gin with bitters was first created by the British Royal Navy to balance out sweet and dry gins...and supposedly to help cure sea sickness. We've created a well-balanced gin, with juniper still at the forefront, but with a harmonious balance of herbal and spiced bitters. Gin Lane 1751's beautifully handcrafted family of gins is of a classic Victorian style originating in an age when there was a bold predominance of juniper berries, hints of liquorice, and a refreshing citrus finish. For your edification, we have created a well-balanced, complex gin of eight natural botanicals. (from the distiller)