Le Verre Soleil Côtes du Rhône

750ml $17.32/l

2019, Grenache, Syrah, France

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Le Verre Soleil Côtes du Rhône
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Le Verre Soleil roughly translates as "The Cup of Sun", and we think that this wine captures the beautifully, sun-drenched grapes of the Southern Rhone in your glass. A blend of Grenache and Syrah, Verre Soleil is full bodied and bold with aromas of blackberry, dark cherry, and licorice. Dark fruit lingers the palate with hints of black pepper and herbs de Provence. Supple and polished on the finish, it's smooth enough to drink on its own but will pair wonderfully with rustic dishes such as spicy sausage, duck breast, or coq au vin. (from the vintner)