Domaine Jean de Bosmel Chablis

750ml $39.99/l

2022, Chardonnay, France

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Domaine Jean de Bosmel Chablis
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This is a superb and elegant Chablis from a top producer. Domaine Jean de Bosmel has been producing wine in Chablis since 1814. Through inheritance, the family estate has been joined to that of Louis Moreau, one of Chablis' most talented winemakers. Louis produces delicious, restrained Chablis that lets the unique minerality of his vineyards shine through. This Chablis is a brilliant golden colored wine with a nose of floral, apple, and pear aromas. On the mouth, mineral and citrus notes are balanced by roundness and fineness leading into a rich yet very clean finish. Enjoy as an aperitif or paired with grilled chicken, Dover sole, halibut, oysters, grilled shrimp, and vegetable dishes. (from the vintner)