Flavors by Bhumi Finger Limes

6-8ct, approx. 5oz
Flavors by Bhumi Finger Limes
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Finger limes offer tart citrusy flavor in a package that's quite unique. They're petite and oblong in shape on the outside, with a green to black rind. And when you split them open, you'll uncover small, juice-filled pearls. These tiny baubles are perfectly sized for use as a garnish: try sprinkling them over salads, deserts, or seafood for a delicate accent of tart citrus flavor. Flavors by Bhumi began with a quest to grow some of the most incredible citrus from around the world locally in New Jersey. Nowadays, this grower is known among chefs and food artisans for fresh and superior quality produce. They take their name from the Hindi word for "Mother Earth," to whom they entrust the care of their fruit trees