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Premium Poultry Delivered Across the NYC metropolitan area & the Jersey Shore

Enjoy the convenience of top-quality poultry, brought to you with the care and expertise that only a New York-based delivery service can offer. Get this lean source of protein, perfect for quick cooking, delivered directly to your doorstep whether you're in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or New Jersey.

Diverse Poultry Options to Suit Every New Yorker's Taste

From everyday essentials to gourmet specialties, discover a poultry selection that includes everything from versatile chicken and seasonal turkey to duck and Cornish game hens. Each product is chosen for its quality and freshness, ensuring you get the best with every order.

Fast and Easy Meals with Prepped and Ready-to-Cook Poultry

If you struggle finding the time to cook, but still want fresh and healthy meals, you're in luck! Prepared poultry dishes give you all of the flavor in a fraction of the time. From marinated wings to chicken rollups and breaded chicken cutlets, whatever prepped poultry is available, you can be sure you're enjoying fresh, quality food. You can even get fully-cooked chicken options that include nuggets, sausages, and grilled chicken breasts. Simply heat and eat!

Meat Alternatives for Every Diet

Catering to all dietary preferences, discover meat alternatives that transform any traditional dish into a vegan-friendly feast. From Tofurky to plant-based chicken nugget alternatives and even BBQ, the options for vegetarian comfort food are endless. Whether you're exploring plant-based diets or just mixing things up, everything from Asian to Mediterranean-style meat alternatives provides the variety you're looking for.

Sourced with Care for Sustainability & Freshness

We only deliver poultry that has never been given antibiotics or hormones and offer many organic, pasture-raised, non-GMO, and air-chilled options. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, each piece of poultry comes from trusted partners who meet and exceed the highest standards of animal welfare. You can enjoy your meal with the peace of mind that every product is delicious and conscientiously sourced to support the planet and animal welfare.

Order Chicken, Turkey & More with Confidence & Convenience

Food safety and quality assurance controllers are onsite 24 hours a day, meticulously monitoring and testing an assortment of products in our in-house facilities to ensure the highest standards and prevent foodborne illnesses. If any item is not as you expected, let our customer service team know. We're committed to making it right with our 100% Happiness Guarantee, ensuring that every delivery meets your standards for quality and satisfaction.