Fresh Seafood Delivered to You, Throughout NYC

Whether you're spicing up a dinner in Brooklyn, crafting a brunch in Manhattan, grilling on a Bronx balcony, or planning a feast over in New Jersey, enjoy a meticulously curated selection of seafood delivered to your door. In the summer, you can even experience delivery to the Hamptons, Eastern Long Island, and the Jersey Shore!

Quality Seafood New Yorkers Can Trust

Indulge in a wide array of seafood options, from staples like fish fillets, salmon, and shrimp, to gourmet options that include lobster, crab, oysters, and scallops. With a transparent rating system, and a team of experts tasting and rating over 800 products daily, it's all about bringing variety and quality to your kitchen.

Place your order and enjoy your seafood with peace of mind, knowing that it's passed through rigorous safety checks. With a dedicated team ensuring that everything you receive is safe and sound, your only focus will be on savoring each bite. And, with a 100% Happiness Guarantee, your satisfaction isn't just a wish, but a promise.

Fresh and Sustainable Seafood, Complete with Local and Seasonal Picks

In the world of seafood, freshness is king. And that's exactly what you get, thanks to a passion for innovation and quality that has been our hallmark since 2002. You'll love cooking the latest local catch and seasonal goodies, with fish and seafood stocked from places like Long Island and the Jersey Shore.

Working closely with 100% sustainable farms and fisheries, FreshDirect's offerings also contribute positively to the marine ecosystems. This commitment guarantees that your seafood favorites, from the succulent lobsters to the tender scallops, are good for you and the planet.

Make Cooking a Breeze with Prepared Fish and Shellfish

Want fresh seafood but short on time when it comes to cooking? Get the best of both worlds thanks to prepped fish and shellfish.

Throw some shrimp on the grill with a variety of kebabs, or delight dinner guests with crab cakes, escargot seasoned with garlic parsley butter, and more. From seasoned salmon to Cajun catfish, whatever seafood is in season, make every meal an opportunity to explore and enjoy.

Get Everything You Need to Make It a Meal And Stock Your Pantry

Need some seasoning or a side dish to make your meal complete? Whether you're planning for company or simply need to stock your pantry, FreshDirect's extensive grocery offerings have you covered.

Maximize the flavor when cooking seafood with a selection of oils, herbs, and spices. Then, create your ultimate dinner menu with vegetables, pasta, rice, and grains. And don't forget about delicious bakery desserts, including pies, cakes, cookies, and even soufflés!