Smart Chicken Organic Ground Chicken, Air-Chilled

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Smart Chicken Organic Ground Chicken, Air-Chilled
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Also known as 95% Fat Free. Ground Smart Chicken is an easy and flavorful way to get creative with the most classic recipes: chicken bolognese, chicken burgers, croquettes, meatloaf, and meatballs — the possibilities are endless. This ground chicken is gluten free, 95% lean and composed of hand-trimmed thigh and leg meat without water or skin added to the grind. Certified organic Smart Chicken are fed an organic grain diet, are free-range, and certified humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care. All Smart Chicken products are raised without the use of antibiotics, animal byproducts, growth hormones, and are 100% all-natural. They're processed using purified cold air instead of water — that's the air-chilled difference. Certified organic Certified humane Air-chilled Free range (from Smart Chicken)