Conservas de Cambados Cockles

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Conservas de Cambados Cockles
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Contains Shellfish

Nothing beats a salty snack with an underlying sweetness and cockles are the ultimate. These delicious little clams are hand harvested, washed in seawater and hand-packed. This passion and attention to detail shines through with every bite. Whether you call it a tapa, pintxos or just yum, these cockles need nothing more than some potato chips and a dash or two of tabasco to create the ultimate snacky snack. Customers have been enjoying fantastic seafood from right out of the tins for decades and now you can, too. Pair with a chilly glass of vermouth or a crisp cold beer and enjoy the ultimate in conservas from Spain. The riches of Northern Spain are not monetary; the real treasures lie in the surrounding seas. Since 1985, Conservas de Cambados has operated their own cannery in Galicia where the Pontevedra river meets the Ria de Arousa estuary. This estuary is the largest in Galicia and ideal for fish and shellfish. With practices that set the artisanal standard, and being mindful of long term sustainability, Conservas de Cambados honors the traditions of both kitchen and sea. (from Conservas de Cambados)