BoulderClean Bathroom Cleaner Refill, Sweet Lime

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BoulderClean Bathroom Cleaner Refill, Sweet Lime
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The perfect sustainable cleaning solution for you, your bathroom and the planet! Our Refill Cleaning Tablets and Reusable Glass Cleaning Bottle work together to tackle your bathroom messes AND eliminate plastic waste from your home, landfills and our oceans. It's easy, effective, and plastic-free cleaning! One packet makes 16 ounces of powerful cleaning spray—simply fill a reusable bottle with water and drop in two tablets for a Bathroom Cleaner that attacks the most common bathroom challenges like soap scum, hairsprays, and other personal care products. Easily fight built-up grime on your shower, tiles, tub, and chrome fixtures. With natural, plant-based deodorizers and a sweet lime scent, B-CLEAN might just put cleaning your dirtiest room on the top of your weekend-fun list. (from BoulderClean)