Burlap & Barrel Nyanza Vanilla Powder

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Burlap & Barrel Nyanza Vanilla Powder
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Our intensely flavorful Nyanza Vanilla Powder is made simply from fresh whole pods that are ground into an intensely flavorful, easy-to-use powder. There are 6 whole vanilla pods in each jar of powder! And, it's ready right out of the jar—no chopping, scraping or waiting around for extract required. What makes the powder special is its powerful, rich flavor from the sweet, marshmallow-y vanilla seeds and the tart-cherry and apricot notes of the outer husk. Use it for baking, cold brews, smoky-spicy rubs, slow-and-low braises, balsamic vinaigrette, decadent smoothies and warming libations. Simply use half to an equal amount of powder in place of vanilla extract for alcohol-free, pure vanilla flavor. (from Burlap & Barrel)