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Grocery Delivery in Brooklyn

FreshDirect has Brooklyn covered with convenient online grocery delivery. That's right, from Brooklyn Heights to Williamsburg, we're committed to bringing you fresh-picked fruit and vegetables, prepared food and meal kits, and all your grocery and pantry essentials—right to your doorstep. Go online or use our mobile app today, and get your groceries delivered tomorrow.

Trying to eat more organic food? We've got you covered. We've made it our business to deliver fantastic organic food and groceries to your neck of Brooklyn. Whether you're craving some organic apples from local farms or delicious all-natural cheddar cheese, our comprehensive assortment of organic goods will keep you well-stocked with the delicious food you want. We also carry a wide selection of all-natural household products, from eco-friendly bathroom tissue to non-toxic cleaners. So, your entire house can be in on the organic action.

We know you have one of the greatest farmers' markets in NYC right in your backyard at Grand Army Plaza. We also know that you sometimes don't always make it there. No need to regret not snagging some local groceries last Saturday. We work closely with NY state farmers, fisheries, and producers to provide a great selection of local produce, meats, cheeses, and more—all available for convenient delivery every day of the week. We take a lot of pride in these partnerships because it means we're supporting the local economy and it guarantees a shorter supply chain, so you get to enjoy a longer shelf life with your favorite local perishables.

Our master butchers make our Meat Department one of the best in the city—with the added bonus of it being delivered to your door! Order your meats and poultry with us and we'll cut everything just the way you like. Need some butterflied bone-less pork chops two-inches thick? We'll take care of it. Desperate for a tasty steak, but can't get in to Peter Luger's or St. Anselm? We'll have that to you tomorrow.

Perhaps you're feeling rather pescatarian, but can't get a reservation at the classic brasserie on 5th Avenue. Our selection of just-caught seafood will definitely please your palate (not to mention your budget). What's more, we provide daily quality ratings and a sustainability score, so you'll always be able to make an informed, delicious decision.

We built our reputation on delicious food and easy delivery, and we couldn't have done that without our amazing kitchen, deli, and bakery. With delicious meals, ready-to-bake breads, and fine charcuterie and cheese, you'll never be without the gourmet indulgences that make life in Brooklyn just a little finer. Grab a rotisserie chicken and a crisp green salad when you don't feel like cooking, or select one of our chef-prepared meal kits when you do! We also deliver gorgeous fresh flowers, decadent cookies, and just about everything else you'll need for a luxurious picnic in Prospect Park.

We also carry all your favorite brands of crackers, sparkling water, cereals, yogurt, toothpaste, and more! You'll be able to keep your pantry, fridge, and bathroom ful-ly stocked without breaking a sweat. That's right, no more lugging bottles of water or giant packages of bathroom tissue up your stairs!

If you have a hard time finding the wine and liquor you want in Brooklyn and an even harder time getting everything back to your house, you'll be happy to hear about wine and liquor delivery from FreshDirect Wines & Spirits.

When you shop at FreshDirect Wine & Spirits, you'll find a selection of premium alcohol that spans the globe, covers every budget, and is fit for any occasion. Our wide assortment of fine wines and spirits will suit whatever the evening calls for—a special toast for a major life milestone or a simple pour for a quiet night at home.

You'll find a wide range of wines and spirits sourced from around the world. Find sauvignon blanc from Chile, pinot noir from New Zealand, and unique whiskeys from right here in Kings County. Perhaps you're just looking for a good deal or a new find, be sure to check out our Weekly Sale and Select Sips recommendations.

The next time you need a half-bottle of bubbly for a quiet celebration at home or an unfiltered sake to go with your sushi takeout, spend some time at FreshDirect Wines & Spirits. We think you'll enjoy shopping from our expert-curated selection and we know you'll appreciate our alcohol delivery service.

There's also convenient beer delivery from FreshDirect. With a delicious array of lagers, stouts, and ales, you're sure to find just the six-pack (or case!) of beer you need. Getting one of our gourmet frozen pizzas? Grab some delicious local lager. Did you order a large sandwich platter for the big game? Be sure to add a variety 12-pack to your cart!

Our 100% Happiness Guarantee means zero hassle or risk for you. Not completely satisfied with your order? We will always do our best to make things right. Food delivery has never been easier or more reliable.

We know Brooklyn is like no other place in the world, that's why we want to give you an online grocery shopping experience like no other in the world! Say "bye bye" to schlepping your groceries down Bedford, and say "hello" to FreshDirect. Order today and we'll see you in BK tomorrow!

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At FreshDirect we're proud to partner with the best of Brooklyn's businesses. Check out these local favorites:


We take pizza very seriously, and this frozen pizza will change your life. It's wood-fired and handmade from the same fresh dough, tomatoes, and mozzarella used by Roberta herself at her East Williamsburg restaurant.


Steve's ice cream has been keeping the good people of Bedford Stuyvesant cool for over 40 years. It's so good that fans of the brand have even been known to wait in line for a scoop during snowstorms. But don't worry, we'll bring their phenomenal flavors right to your door.


This one's a FreshDirect staff favorite! Grady's Cold Brew is a New Orleans-style coffee concentrate that's brewed and bottled by hand in Greenpoint. Each batch is made by steeping a special blend of freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water overnight and then removing the grounds using a two-step filtration process. What's left? A bold, velvety-smooth liquid concentrate that can be mixed with milk or water, served over ice or steaming hot.


From his kitchen in Dumbo, founder Jordan Silbert spent four years perfecting his tonic water recipe. Before long his customers were asking for other sodas as tasty and high quality as his tonic. We find Q drinks are equally as refreshing by themselves as they are mixed in a cocktail.


Where others see city rooftops, Gotham Greens see fields. That's why they built a 15,000 square-foot greenhouse on a Greenpoint rooftop. All of their produce is pesticide free and grown using ecologically sustainable methods. The result? Locally grown greens all year-round.


Founded in 1984, the Brooklyn Brewery has grown from microbrewery to New York City tourist attraction within three decades. No Brooklyn rooftop party is complete without a six-pack of their iconic and world-renowned beer in the cooler.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass you'll find the Brooklyn Roasting Company. These friendly folks have a steadfast dedication to excellence in every cup. They're also pretty serious about green thinking and ensuring that farmers receive fair payment for the crops they grow and harvest. All that groovy good stuff we love.

Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish is a Brooklyn-based, family-run seafood smoke house that's been specializing in the finest smoked fish for over 100 years. Each premier Canadian salmon undergoes a natural hardwood smoking process, which results in delicate, silky slices with a nutty flavor.

Atlantic Veal and Lamb, Inc.

Founded in 1956, Atlantic Veal and Lamb, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business based in East Williamsburg. Their exquisite Plume De Veau cuts are unrivaled in quality and consistency, making them the final word on veal in the New York area.

Warehouse Address:

630 Flushing Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone Number: (866)283-7374