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Grocery Delivery in Brooklyn

If you're anything like us, you've got better things to do with your time than spend it waiting in line at a busy grocery store. We've got you on this, Brooklyn. Order online from FreshDirect today for grocery delivery tomorrow. It's all your favorite food delivered!

Get meals delivered with just a few clicks! We believe good food is good for the soul, so our in-house chefs prepare delicious meals and dinner shortcuts every day so you can spend more time doing the things you love (while still serving up tasty dishes). In a hurry? Don't worry. Our collection of 4-Minute Meals, and Sides in a Snap are fast and flavorsome.

How do you like them apples... and oranges and green beans and broccoli? Every morning our experts taste and rate each piece of produce to ensure that you only ever get the best. The result is fruit and vegetables so fresh you'll feel like you picked them yourself.

Throwing a party? We make entertaining easy. Visit our catering department and with a few clicks of a button you'll be all set. All of your Brooklyn catering needs have never been so easily solved.

Bottles of wine are a pain to schlep. So let us do the heavy lifting! We've sourced the best bottles from local wineries and vineyards from around the world and we'll deliver them right to your door. Whatever your budget, and whatever the occasion, you'll find what you're looking for at FreshDirect Wines & Spirits. We've got all your favorite beers too. Check out our extensive collection of internationally renowned brews and local craft ales. Cheers!

Did you know that we deliver to business locations in all of Brooklyn? With FreshDirect At The Office you can make sure the office fridge and pantry are always fully stocked with healthy and delicious office snacks.

At FreshDirect we're proud to partner with the best of Brooklyn's businesses. Check out these local favorites:

Image of 'Roberta's Pizza' with some tasty mouth watering toppings.


We take pizza very seriously, and this frozen pizza will change your life. It's wood-fired and handmade from the same fresh dough, tomatoes, and mozzarella used by Roberta herself at her East Williamsburg restaurant.

Image of a variety of 'Steve's Ice Cream.'


Steve's ice cream has been keeping the good people of Bedford Stuyvesant cool for over 40 years. It's so good that fans of the brand have even been known to wait in line for a scoop during snowstorms. But don't worry, we'll bring their phenomenal flavors right to your door.

Image of 'Grady's Cold Brew' sign.


This one's a FreshDirect staff favorite! Grady's Cold Brew is a New Orleans-style coffee concentrate that's brewed and bottled by hand in Greenpoint. Each batch is made by steeping a special blend of freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water overnight and then removing the grounds using a two-step filtration process. What's left? A bold, velvety-smooth liquid concentrate that can be mixed with milk or water, served over ice or steaming hot.

Image of a refreshing drink with a lime in it brought to you by 'Q Drinks'


From his kitchen in Dumbo, founder Jordan Silbert spent four years perfecting his tonic water recipe. Before long his customers were asking for other sodas as tasty and high quality as his tonic. We find Q drinks are equally as refreshing by themselves as they are mixed in a cocktail.

Image of 'Gotham Greens' greenhouse.


Where others see city rooftops, Gotham Greens see fields. That's why they built a 15,000 square-foot greenhouse on a Greenpoint rooftop. All of their produce is pesticide free and grown using ecologically sustainable methods. The result? Locally grown greens all year-round.

Image of 'Brooklyn Brewery.'


Founded in 1984, the Brooklyn Brewery has grown from microbrewery to New York City tourist attraction within three decades. No Brooklyn rooftop party is complete without a six-pack of their iconic and world-renowned beer in the cooler.

Image of some dark tasty coffee next to coffee beans from 'Brooklyn Roasting Company'

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass you'll find the Brooklyn Roasting Company. These friendly folks have a steadfast dedication to excellence in every cup. They're also pretty serious about green thinking and ensuring that farmers receive fair payment for the crops they grow and harvest. All that groovy good stuff we love.

Image of smoked salmon on a cutting board from 'Acme Smoked Fish'

Acme Smoked Fish

Acme Smoked Fish is a Brooklyn-based, family-run seafood smoke house that's been specializing in the finest smoked fish for over 100 years. Each premier Canadian salmon undergoes a natural hardwood smoking process, which results in delicate, silky slices with a nutty flavor.

Image of some cooked sliced meat on a cutting board from 'Atlantic Veal and Lamb, Inc.'

Atlantic Veal and Lamb, Inc.

Founded in 1956, Atlantic Veal and Lamb, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business based in East Williamsburg. Their exquisite Plume De Veau cuts are unrivaled in quality and consistency, making them the final word on veal in the New York area.