Plymouth Gin Original

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Plymouth Gin Original
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Produced in the oldest working gin distillery in England, Plymouth gin has come to be almost synonymous with the British Royal Navy. This historic gin was first produced in 1793, and more than 200 years later, continues to be made today with the same blend of seven botanicals, water, and grain alcohol. At 41.2% ABV, Plymouth gin has more of an earthy feel and smooth juniper hit than other gins, and the fresh aroma of juniper, cardamom, and coriander makes it the perfect choice for a simple gin and tonic over ice with a citrus garnish. However, Plymouth gin also works well in a range of classic cocktails, from Gin Martinis to Gimlets, where the flavor profile including earthy tones, fresh juniper, and lemon make it the star of the show. Whatever your favorite cocktail, be sure to have a bottle of Plymouth gin on hand for a real taste of old England. (from Plymouth Gin)