Château Le Gardera Wineberry, Box

3L $15.00/l

2020, Merlot 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 33%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Petit Verdot 2%, France

Château Le Gardera Wineberry, Box
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The property was owned by the Gardera Family during the reign of King Louis XIV, but the current château was built under Napoleon III around 1850. Cordier, a Bordeaux wine merchant, acquired the property in 1951. Retaining the vineyards, the company ceded the château and its park to an association that there founded a hostel for schoolchildren and apprentices. Today, the property is in the hands of the Gonfrier family. Philippe and Eric Gonfrier seek to give full expression to this rich terroir year after year. Sitting atop a rocky spur overlooking the Garonne River, this estate offers one of the region's most renowned views. (from the vintner)