Three Thieves Bandit Pinot Grigio

1L (1000ml)

Pinot Grigio, U.S.A.

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Three Thieves Bandit Pinot Grigio
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Radiant and fresh, Three Thieves Bandit Pinot Grigio charms the senses with aromas of citrus, peach and pear followed by flavors of lemon and green apple. A splash of sweet is tempered by a tiny bit of tart, resulting in a vivacious wine that pairs perfectly with everything from delicate dishes to fiery fare. Bandit is leading the way by offering award-winning wine in both 500ml and 1L Tetra Pak formats which not only eliminates any worry about 'corked' wine, but also locks in freshness and protects flavor. All in a package that is lightweight, portable and environmentally friendly! (from the vintner)