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GOOD Night!

Celebrate Earth Month

We're here to help you make choices that support the environment.

Embrace Earth Month

Let's give Mother Nature a little pat on the back for shining day in and day out. Do your part by choosing cleaner, greener foods like these local and organic faves - they're more sustainable for the environment and better for you.

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is Better

Our 100% grass-fed local beef program consists of family-owned farms in the Northeast, who raise cattle entirely on pasture and never give them antibiotics, added hormones, or grain-based feed. These farms also use regenerative practices to rebuild the soil, restore biodiversity and improve the water cycle. It's a way of doing things that not only benefits the farmer, but also the animals and the environment. And for consumers, genuine, grass-fed beef is more tender, flavorful, leaner and remarkably juicy.

Reduce Waste With These Products

You can help do what's best for the environment by choosing products that have eco-conscious packaging. On this list, you'll find items that use natural, plant-based plastic substitutes, as well as those that have recyclable materials.

Green Your Spring Cleaning

You can get tough on dirt and be kind to the earth too! These cleaners made with natural ingredients are here to help you freshen things up for the spring season in an eco-friendly way.

Why Choose Pasture-Raised Lamb

Brothers Ridge Farm in Tioga County, NY checks all the boxes when it comes to what is best for the environment and for their animals. Their lambs are raised without hormones or antibiotics and graze on open pasture supplemented with non-GMO grain to make sure they get the energy they need. We collaborate with Brothers Ridge because their practices are more healthy, humane, and sustainable. And naturally, the quality and taste is remarkable.

Compostable Kitchenware: A Greener Solution

Repurpose tableware and kitchen products use plant-based materials that fully break down after being composted. Not only are they a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, all Repurpose products are USDA Certified BioBased and proudly PFAS free.

Celebrate Earth Month

The Brand That's Fighting Waste Through Baking

Renewal Mill's flours and baking mixes are not your ordinary pantry staples: each one of their products uses upcycled ingredients that are left over from other food processes. Upcycling is a powerful tool for fighting food waste: in 2020 alone, the brand saved an impressive 91,850 pounds of food. It's also beneficial to the environment - Renewal Mill's okara flour made from unused soy milk pulp has a carbon footprint that's an astonishing 60% less than traditional wheat flour. Plus, their products are gluten free and easy to use in baking recipes.

Peel Power

Fruit rinds are nature's nutritional powerhouse, packing more fiber and vitamins per square inch than any other part of the fruit. Yet these small scraps add up to big problems. Power-packed edible peels are one of the most commonly wasted food items, contributing to millions of pounds of unnecessary waste. By using the whole fruit -- roots, rinds, seeds and stems -- in the manufacturing process, RIND helps to eliminate unnecessary waste associated with the removal of raw material and keeps these nutritious peels safely in the food system. In 2020 alone, RIND estimated having eliminated 120,000 pounds of edible peels from landfill with a vision to substantially increase this amount over the next 3-5 years.

The Best-Tasting Steelhead and Arctic Char

Our Icelandic partner Matorka is a world leader in sustainable aquaculture. Their land-based farm is powered by glacial waters, which ensure a carbon-neutral footprint. By taking advantage of the pristine, surrounding ocean, Matorka can raise fish with a superior taste and texture that is ideal for both raw and cooked preparations.

Go Flexitarian & Make an Impact

Not sure what a flexitarian is? You might already be one! Flexitarianism is all about emphasizing plant-based foods without completely giving up meat. By simply eating less, but higher quality, animal protein, you can reduce your carbon footprint, which is a win-win for you and for the planet. We even have a few meat & veggie blends to make your flexitarian diet easier.

What is Organic Wine?

Simply put, it's wine made from organic grapes (so no synthetic pesticides or fungicides; the exact requirements for organic certification vary by region). A lot of you have been asking for more of them - and why wouldn't you, they're the more eco-friendly choice - so we expanded our organic wine selection. Check them out and get sipping with a conscience.

Smoothie Pops With a (Re)Purpose

reBLEND freezable smoothie shot pops are made from upcycled fruits and veggies that would have otherwise gone to waste, saving a whole lot of produce and transforming it into something truly tasty. Each pop is like a mini smoothie boost that you can easily grab whenever you need a pick me up - they're ideal as a mid-morning or afternoon treat.

The Pork Farm Making a Positive Impact

True pasture-raised heritage breed pork is hard to find. But we've forged relationships with partners like Hickory Nut Gap so you can experience a truly special product with a taste that can't be beat. "Hickory Nut Gap believes we all thrive from the ground up," stated Jamie Ager, fourth generation farmer and co-owner. "Everything we do is built upon the foundation of our soil, pasture, forest, water and regional farming culture. By partnering with the land, we can produce healthy and delicious meats while regenerating the soil, pastures and watersheds which contributes to improved climate resilience." FreshDirect is proud to work with partners like these who are creating something extraordinary while making a positive impact.

New Pet Food From Because It's Better

Dogs are the best and what we feed them matters. Because It's Better was created to give canines the nutritious, sustainably-produced, protein-rich clean food that can't be found find anywhere else. This means no animal meat or animal-by-products, no added hormones or antibiotics, and absolutely no animal cruelty ever.

Stonyfield Yogurt: Good on Purpose

Yogurt is an amazing food. But Stonyfield yogurt is that and more. It's a statement: Taking care of organic farmers, cows, and their life's work will produce healthy food, healthy businesses, and a healthy planet. Stonyfield Organic aspires to make a truly special yogurt because special makes a difference.