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GOOD Night!

Celebrate Earth Month

We're here to help you make choices that support the environment.

Embrace Earth Month

Let's give Mother Nature a little pat on the back for shining day in and day out. Do your part by choosing cleaner, greener foods like these local and organic faves - they're more sustainable for the environment and better for you.

Celebrate Earth Month

The Best-Tasting Steelhead and Arctic Char

Our Icelandic partner Matorka is a world leader in sustainable aquaculture. Their land-based farm is powered by glacial waters, which ensure a carbon-neutral footprint. By taking advantage of the pristine, surrounding ocean, Matorka can raise fish with a superior taste and texture that is ideal for both raw and cooked preparations.

Celebrate Earth Month

Green Your Spring Cleaning

You can get tough on dirt and be kind to the earth too! These cleaners made with natural ingredients are here to help you freshen things up for the spring season in an eco-friendly way.

Celebrate Earth Month

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is Better for Farms & Better for You

Our 100% grass-fed local beef program consists of family-owned farms in the Northeast, like Rock Spring Farm in central New York. We asked Farmer Marc, who runs the farm and oversees its sustainable agricultural model, why grass-fed beef is different. According to him, "Raising grass-fed cattle is simpler. One doesn't need to grow a lot of crops to feed the cattle year round. The farm is set up best to be a grazing farm, with all the land being best utilized. We want to work best with our land and the environment around us." In other words, pasture-raising not only benefits the farmer, but also the animals and the environment. And for consumers, genuine, grass-fed cattle results in meat that's leaner, more tender, more flavorful, and remarkably juicy.

Celebrate Earth Month

Why Choose Pasture-Raised Lamb

Brothers Ridge Farm in Tioga County, NY checks all the boxes when it comes to what is best for the environment and for their animals. Their lambs are raised without hormones or antibiotics and graze on open pasture supplemented with non-GMO grain to make sure they get the energy they need. We collaborate with Brothers Ridge because their practices are more healthy, humane, and sustainable. And naturally, the quality and taste is remarkable.

Celebrate Earth Month

The Brand That's Fighting Waste Through Baking

Renewal Mill's flours and baking mixes are not your ordinary pantry staples: each one of their products uses upcycled ingredients that are left over from other food processes. Upcycling is a powerful tool for fighting food waste: in 2020 alone, the brand saved an impressive 91,850 pounds of food. It's also beneficial to the environment - Renewal Mill's okara flour made from unused soy milk pulp has a carbon footprint that's an astonishing 60% less than traditional wheat flour. Plus, their products are gluten free and easy to use in baking recipes.

Celebrate Earth Month

Flex Your Diet

We know that keeping a plant-based diet is better for you and better for the environment. Going full-on vegan, however, can be a challenge if you've never tried it before. But even little steps will make a difference, whether that's by observing Meatless Mondays or just trying to incorporate more produce and fewer animal proteins into your diet. Check out some of our faves below to get started on your journey to flexitarian bliss.

Compostable Kitchenware: A Greener Solution

Repurpose tableware and kitchen products use plant-based materials that fully break down after being composted. Not only are they a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics, all Repurpose products are USDA Certified BioBased and proudly PFAS free.