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GOOD Afternoon!

We're Keeping It Local

Celebrate these locally made, locally sourced faves all month long.

We're Declaring August "Local Month!"

We eat local. We support local. We live for local. August has summer's sweetest offerings, and our local partners produce the best EVERYTHING! Explore the best of the area on our Celebrate Local Month feed all month long--from rich coffee, sweet snacks and fresh bread to mouth-watering peak produce grown with local love.

Meet Altobelli Family Farm

Our farm pals at Altobelli Family Farm in Kinderhook, NY grow some of the tastiest corn you'll ever eat + that's no surprise they've been farming since 1953. John Altobelli, the grandson of the founder, joined the business in the '80s after relocating from the city + spearheaded their focus on corn (now most of their production). Every ear of corn is hand selected by John + his team, so you get only the sweetest, juiciest + best. Their bicolor corn is amazing boiled, grilled or right off the cob.

Freshly-Baked by Our Local Partners

What's the next best thing to always having a loaf in your oven? It's treating yourself to any of these exquisite baked goods and supporting a local artisan. From everyday breads for enjoying at breakfast or lunch to one-of-a-kind finds you won't find anywhere else, you can be sure that each of the items on this list is made nearby with quality ingredients and lots of care and love.

Our Local Grass-Fed Beef Program

It's the closest you can get to farmers' market quality without having to leave the house. Our 100% grass-fed local beef program is made up of a group of family-owned farms in the Northeast that strictly follow a humane and sustainable agricultural model. The herds are raised without hormones or antibiotics and are exclusively grass-fed, which means they're never given grain or corn. This not only benefits the farmer, the animals, and the environment, but also the consumer, as genuine, grass-fed cattle results in meat that's leaner, more tender, more flavorful, and remarkably juicy. Because we request the absolute highest quality from our farmers, we have exclusive access to the cream of the crop, which we're now able to provide to you 365 days a year!

Cool Down With Crisp Bowery Greens

Bowery grows produce like nothing you've ever tasted before--each bite bursting with flavor and pesticide-free for perfectly refreshing summer salads. And because their produce is grown locally indoors 365 days a year, every leaf is harvested at peak freshness and nutrition... all while using less water, less land and creating less waste.

Meet Hepworth Farms

Fact: vegetables taste better when they're local. And that's why we love Hepworth farms, a 7th generation family farm in Milton, NY (just 75 miles north of NYC on the Hudson River). Over time, farmers Amy Hepworth, her twin sister Gail, and Gerry Greco have committed to "dechemicalization" - transitioning from standard farming practices to a whole systems approach. Today, they have over 400 acres of NOFA-certified production land yielding over 400 varieties of organic vegetables - and we love every single one of them.

Best of the Boroughs: Local Snacks & Drinks

All August long, we're sharing the best local *everything* with you. We canvassed NYC and beyond to deliver this round-up of the greatest snacks + sips.

Local Items We Love

We're proud to partner with some of the very best makers and creators in the northeast because food simply tastes better when it's made locally. When you shop the goods on this list, you're supporting businesses that are committed to bringing incredible flavors to our communities and neighborhoods.

How Great Gun Oyster Co. Keeps NY History Alive

Paul McCormick of Great Gun Oyster Co. cultivates his Little Guns and Great Guns at his farm in Long Island's Moriches Bay, where there is a rich tradition of oyster harvesting. FreshDirect is proud to offer these top-tier shellfish to you at a time when restaurant closures have deeply impacted the seafood industry. We strongly believe in supporting sustainable aquaculture partners like Great Gun that are contributing to marine health and carrying on a part of local history.

Locally-Roasted Coffee

Local coffee is coffee at its tastiest and freshest. Discover craft offerings from our neighbors & friends.

Why We Love Family Farmstead Milk

The Family Farmstead mission is to produce high-quality, nutritious A2 milk that's 100% grass fed and certified organic. They minimally process their milk, using low-temperature pasteurization to preserve nutrients and flavor. Altogether, these benefits mean locally-sourced milk that's better for you, and better for the planet.

Bring Your Favorite Restaurant Meals Home

You don't have to criss cross all over town to enjoy the most iconic dishes. These offerings from celebrated local restaurants make it easy to recreate your faves from the comfort of home. With sauces that taste just how you remember and baked goods that can be heated up for that oven-fresh feeling, dining in doesn't mean having food FOMO.

Locally-Made Ice Cream

Bring your favorite scoop shop home! Discover new & classic local flavors here.

The Local Breakfast Spot In Your Kitchen

You don't need a chicken coop in your backyard to start the day with locally-made eggs, dairy, and other breakfast favorites. Get the freshest ingredients from our local partner farms, as well as convenient on-the-go items made by our friends and neighbors.

Impress With A Local Cheese Board

A cheese board is always a good idea when entertaining. But a locally-sourced one will truly stand out from the rest. These cheeses and cured meats are crafted by our neighbors and friends. Add them to your next spread and wow your guests with a bit of regional flavor.

Support Local Breweries

Happy hours call for catching up and kicking back with a beer. Do it with one of these picks from small and local breweries and support the crafstpeople behind them.