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    FreshDirect Coupons

    Where will I find FD Coupons?
    Visit the FD Coupon Savings section (find it at the top of any page next to Your Account) for fast access to all the coupons currently on offer, or just shop the way you always do. You'll also see coupon offers on products across our website. Just look for the purple savings text.

    How do I use FD Coupons?
    Either go to our FD Coupon Savings section or just shop for the items you'd like to buy. When you see the save text with the coupon checkbox on product you want to purchase, hover over the details link so you know the expiration date and the minimum quantity required for coupon savings. Activate the coupon by clicking the checkbox. You'll see the green "coupon applied" text when you've both clicked the coupon and met the purchase minimum required for savings. See how our coupon process works.

    Can I submit a paper coupon or a digital coupon I have?
    Sorry! At this time we don't have the ability to accept coupons that come from external sources.

    How will I know when the coupons expire?
    Since coupons expire at various times, you'll need to hover over the details link so you know the expiration date for each coupon. If you've clicked a checkbox to apply a coupon, but don't purchase the item before the coupon's expiration date, you'll see a "coupon expired" warning at checkout.

    How will I know my coupon savings were deducted from my order?
    FD Coupon discounts will appear on your receipt after checkout on the "Success" page and on the receipt that's emailed to your account.

    What happens if my coupon savings were not applied?
    If your discount was not applied properly, contact our Customer Service Team by clicking into the Get Help link at the top of the site.

    Can I uncheck a coupon that I've already checked?
    No. Once you've "activated" a coupon offer, it stays active. The coupon savings won't be applied until you purchase the item with the required minimum.

    Can I use a coupon more than once?
    No. If you've already used a coupon on a product purchase, you can't redeem the same offer again. After you've logged in, you will continue to see the check beside the coupon, but you will not see the green "coupon applied" confirmation text.

    Can I get a raincheck for coupons on items that run out of stock?
    Sorry. No rainchecks or reimbursements will be issued for coupons on items that go out of stock.

    Where can I see when the old coupons expire and new coupons are launched?
    Expiration dates vary, and new coupons will be launched each week, but there's no set schedule. Coupon expiration is dependent on product supply, coupon redemptions and the rules set up by product manufacturers. Check individual coupon expiration dates in each coupon's details link.

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