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  • How do I place an order at FreshDirect?
    Shopping with FreshDirect is fast, easy, and delicious. To find fresh food and groceries, simply browse our departments or use the search box to seek out all of your favorite brands. Here are some handy shopping tips to get you started:

    Top-Rated — this page guides you to the best fruit, vegetables, and seafood we have to offer. Each morning, our experts taste over 800 fresh products and rate them. That's because we want you to know what's really great. So look for our top-rated products — they're the best of their kind out there.

    Fresh Deals — you can find this section in the top navigation on our site. Every Thursday, we add new savings on our favorite peak-season picks and recommendations from our experts.

    Once you've placed your first order with us, you can use our Reorder feature.
  • How do I reorder from my previous purchases?
    Look for the reorder button on the top right corner of the FreshDirect website to add favorites to your cart instantly. Under the Your Top Items section, you'll see all of your past purchases ranked by the number of times you've purchased each item. You can also shop your past orders from the same reorder page, and can even get an entire order delivered again with one click.
  • Can I order by phone?
    We accept telephone orders during our normal customer service hours, listed on the Get Help page. Call 866-283-7374. A trained FreshDirect customer service representative will take your order and answer any questions you may have. The fee for telephone orders is $9.99.
  • Where can I find sales, deals, and discounts on FreshDirect?
    Simply head to the Fresh Deals page - you can find this section in the top navigation on our site. Every Thursday, we add new savings on our favorite peak-season picks and recommendations from our experts.
  • Does FreshDirect have an app?
    Download the FreshDirect app on Apple or Android and order from your device, wherever you are. Your cart is saved across the app and desktop, and you can add to it all week long.
  • How do I create a Shopping List?
    Personalized Shopping Lists are a great way to plan ahead for the items you'll need in the future. Shopping Lists are created separate from your shopping cart and you have the ability to create more than one and give them all unique names. Simply find your favorite item and click on: "Save To List." You can save your item to an existing list or create a new one. This is one of our favorite ways to do party and event planning!
  • What is cutoff time?
    Cutoff time is the deadline time to submit new orders, modify, or cancel existing orders. You must complete the checkout or cancellation process for your request to be accepted since the transition into producing orders begins precisely at the order cutoff deadline.
  • What is the cutoff time for catering?
    Please see the delivery table below for general guidelines, but it is always best to check the specific item page for cutoff details. Below each delivery day is the "order by" day and time.

    Orders for catering items cancelled after catering cutoff will be subject to a 50% fee.

    Order by 11 a.m. Sunday
    Order by 11 a.m. Monday
    Order by 11 a.m. Tuesday
    Order by 11 a.m. Wednesday
    Order by 11 a.m. Thursday
    Order by 11 a.m. Friday
    Order by 11 a.m. Saturday
    Order by 11 a.m. the day prior to delivery*

    *Please note: Some holiday items require a two day lead time.