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Help FAQs Contactless Delivery


Contactless Delivery

  • We are providing contactless delivery as part of our efforts to take preventative action and limit close contact.

    Contactless means we'll drop your order at your door, cease signature and FreshDirect bag collection, and are encouraging you to e-tip. However, unless you opt into unattended delivery, you still must be present to accept the delivery.

    As a food company we have always been focused on food safety and hygiene. We have enhanced and re-emphasized our policies and procedures. We are following regulations and guidance provided by various government agencies and our advisors and will adjust our response as needed to make sure we keep our customers, our products, and our employees safe.

  • Our delivery personnel will bring your order up to your door, but cannot enter your residence.

    Our current service commitment is to deliver to your door. We have re-emphasized our policies to make sure we keep our customers, our products, and our employees safe.

  • You can opt into our unattended delivery option to avoid interaction with the delivery personnel completely or receive deliveries when you are not home.

    If you opt in to unattended delivery and don't answer the door, the delivery team will leave your order on your doorstep or in a location that you designate.

    To opt in, go to the Delivery Addresses section of your account. Under an existing delivery address you'll see "Edit/Delete" buttons to make changes. There you can opt into Unattended Delivery and designate your drop off location.

    *Please note that we are required by law to deliver alcohol only to individuals who are 21 or older with proof of age. If your order is left unattended, any alcohol will be removed from your delivery and your account will be credited for the product that was removed.

  • You can opt into text alerts to find out more about your delivery.

    Opt in now via the Notifications page in the SMS Text Preferences section. Once you sign up, we'll text you important information about your delivery, including an alert when your order has been left unattended. You may opt out at any time by sending STOP to 37374 or unchecking the SMS Delivery Updates option.

  • We will not request customer signatures. For orders containing alcohol, we do need to verify that the recipient is over the age of 21.

    Although we will not collect signatures, we will still require proof of age for orders containing alcohol. If no one over the age of 21 can accept the delivery, the driver will remove alcoholic beverages from the order and your account will be credited for the product that was removed.

  • We will not collect FreshDirect bags.

    We encourage you to reuse your bags or donate them to one of our partner organizations. For more information, and to see a list of our partners, click here.

  • We offer e-tip functionality if you would like to tip digitally.

    You can e-tip during checkout on both our website and mobile app. The full amount of the tip, less the processing fee charged by the credit card processor, will be paid to the person(s) that participated in the delivery of your order.