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    Promotion Codes

    Can I use multiple promotion codes on a single order?
    No. Promotional offers may not be combined; however, we encourage you to use all of the promotional codes for which you are eligible. Simply use one promo code per order and make sure you use each promotion code prior to its expiration date.

    How do I apply a promotion code I received?
    Promotion codes (sometimes referred to as "promo codes") may be redeemed at checkout. After filling your cart with all the food you love, simply click into Checkout from the navigation bar at the top of any screen or within Your Cart. Look for the field labeled "Enter Promotion Code." It's near the bottom of the screen after your Order Total. Just type the promo code into that field and click the green "Apply" button to add the promotion code to your order.

    How do I redeem a FreshDirect Gift Card?
    To redeem a FreshDirect Gift Card, simply shop for the food you love, then when you view your cart, look below your order total for "Have a FreshDirect Gift Card? Enter it here."

    FreshDirect Gift Cards may be redeemed along with a promotion code. Please see our Gift Card Terms and Conditions for more information.

    Why isn't my promo code working?
    There are a number of reasons why a promotion code might fail. Please ensure that you've correctly typed or copied it into the promotion code field, and make sure that it hasn't yet expired. Keep in mind that only one promotion code can be used on each order. If everything seems valid and the promotion code fails, please contact a member of our customer service team for assistance.

    How can I receive promotions?
    To ensure you receive promotions and communications from us, make sure you opt in to receive FreshDirect email. Simply go to Your Account and click into "Username, Password and Contact Information" to make sure you're receiving our promotional email.

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